What? Who, me? Get outta here!

That is exactly how I felt earlier. Here I was driving home from College in bloody awful conditions and I heard my phone buzzing a couple of times. I had pulled into a petrol station and I had a couple of tweets. Congratulating me on my nomination for the Festival of Romance. I had no idea what they were all about. Then it happens. My phone dies. Yup, that’s kind of typical of how my days was going up til then.

I get in and plug in my phone and start up the laptop and I had a couple of Facebook notifications and more tweets. Thankfully one of them had a link. Then I almost pee’d in my pants. Like really. I have been nominated for Romance Blogger of the Year. ME!! Along with four other wonderful bloggers;

Shaz Goodwin and Jera’s Jamboree
JB Johnson and Brook Cottage Books
Kirsty McLenna of For the Love of a Good Book
Carol Wright of Dizzy C’s Book Blog

Good luck to all of you wonderful ladies, though I am sure that like me, ye feel like winners already!

Oh yeah, all those tweets and the nomination sure made my day a whole hell of a lot better 😉


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