Her Ride, By: Rachael Orman

21843709Rachael Orman knows how to write hot sec scenes. Ok, with that said lets me on to content and characters. At first I did not like her main character Ryan aka Shannon Ryan. I was annoyed and irritated with the character. I was literally rolling my eyes and I wanted to slap the character and place her in check. Maybe because the character was written well, a little to well because this character actually reminded me a of a person I use to know. 10432397_580497228732360_87149174_n

Once the Ryan set out of her trip to D.C. I started enjoying her more. I started to see her in a new way. I believe that was kind of the point given in the book. Ryan had to leave her home to be who she is because the biker club life made her act differently, she had to put on a whole new different front living in her old house with her biker club member brother.

As I read on, I kind had an inner hunch that there was something else going on with Ryan. Maybe it’s my detective skills but to me it was easy to guess. However, I did like the direction of the story.

Great creativity for biker club name. The negative remark would be not to call the club a gang, due to the fact motorcycle clubs do not like being referred to as a gang. Maybe if a character said it that was not part of the club that would be different.

Great nicknames for club members.


And…Please remember very hot sex scenes.

I look forward to reading the next book part of this series, which will be Patrick’s story aka Wrench.

Is the book priced right? YES!

Worth the read? YES!


Reviewed by: Michelle   @mcthomas79




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