Incandescent, By: River Savage

10454290_1434957670103810_4417139872160989595_nI enjoyed every single word the author wrote in Incandescent. I adored each character and look forward to seeing these characters in the author’s work later.

The cover is artistically done right. The cover attracts my attention and fits the story.

I don’t like sharing the plot, because I feel as a reader you need to discover the story on your own. The author’s back cover is enough to attract the reader’s attention.  Plus I am tired of seeing reviews go over every little detail with the plot and giving it away. Why would I want to read it the book then?

Sorry I made left turn there and went on a little rant about peoples’ reviews giving away plots.

Ok, I am back on track.


How do you know if this book is for you?

Ask yourself this. Do you like hot sex scenes that make your inside tighten with want? 10427358_1436192619980315_8417443114804246197_n

River Savage did an outstanding job in writing hot, sweet sex scene that make you crave Nix, wishing he wasn’t a character from the book.

Do you like bikers and tattoos? River Savage did a very impressive job in keep the motorcycle club real. It did remind me of Sons of Anarchy, but I love that show and if you are drawn to that show you will be drawn to this book very easily.

Teaser 2 New

You almost feel like you are the main character Kadence at certain times and yes, I want Nix.

The structure of the whole book is very easy to follow, the words flow smoothly that you really do become engrossed in the book that you cannot stop reading it.


I started Thursday night a little before 9pm. I thought to myself that I would read five chapters and continue on the next day. However, I could NOT STOP. I was wrapped in Kadence and Nix’s world. I finished the book around 1am Friday morning. I woke up thinking about thinking about the book. Heck, I even went to sleep thinking about how hot Nix was.



Incandescent is a fantastic story line, enjoyable characters and sweet, sassy and hot sexy scenes. I want more and need more books from this author.


Is the book worth the money? YES! YES! YES!


Nix might be your next book boyfriend.


Release Date: August 11, 2014


Review By: Michelle @mcthomas79


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