Crossover, By: Paige Matthews

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Secrets Can Destroy. Can they overcome theirs?

Fatih Maguire has spent the last six years traveling the world in an attempt to forget the secrets that she hides. After finding her fiancée cheating on her in Milan, Faith heads home to Fuquay Varina, NC to lick her wounds and take some time off-until she is offered a position documenting the upcoming tour for Double Cross.

Preparing for a new tour, Gabe Cross is not thrilled to be on the road. He much rather be living it up in Raleigh. Thinking back to the one person that left him a broken hearted man, Gabe prepares for another three months of drowning his sorrows and screwing her out of his mind- until she shows up on the tour.

Faced to confront the hurt and pain six years forgotten- Gabe and Faith must learn how to move on from their pasts in order to have a future, but will their secrets prevent them from having their second chance?


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About the Author:

20130601-093011.jpgI grew up in a small, idyllic affluent town in the Western part of Connecticut, USA. The town definitely did not match my personality. My high school years were filled with the proverbial teenage fun, although not too much by me. I stayed close to home and pursued my B.A. in English Comparative Literature from a local college and then continued on for my M.A in English Professional Writing. I have always had a love for reading and literature and only furthered that during my studies. During my M.A. studies I decided it was time to challenge myself and work in a field that I have long admired and dreamt off: being a writer.

Having entered the lifestyle a few years ago, I write erotica with a preference toward BDSM themes. I enjoy exploring the emotional connection and emotions behind the D/s relationships and why we like what we like.


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Excerpts #1 (Faith POV)

I watched as she walked away. I could tell what Caleb saw in her. She was fun to be around. Carefree and real. I turned around and bumped into a male body. Slowly, I raised my eyes. I saw black boots that were attached to jeans that hung low on a set of hips. The tight black tee shirt clung to an abdomen and chest as I continued to raise my eyes. My head tilted back as I finally made eye contact.

“Excuse me,” the tenor voice said as his hand grasped my elbow, steadying me. As soon as our eyes locked, my stomach hurled. I turned quickly to avoid hitting him with the contents.

“Oh my God. I’m so sorry.” I turned away embarrassed as shit.

“It’s okay. Are you alright?” the voice asked. Our eyes locked again as I turned my head toward him. “Faith?”

Gabe’s hand let go of me, causing my body to hit the ground.

“Gabe.” I sat on the ground staring at him, waiting for him to say something, anything. Gabe continued to stare back at me, running his hands through his hair. “Say something.” I pleaded.

“I don’t know what to-“

“Oh my goodness, Faith, are you okay?” Kat ran up to me with the rest of the band in tow.

“I’m fine.” I glanced at Gabe, who had stood and walked away. A familiar face stuck out a hand, and I grabbed it as I lifted myself onto my feet. Jaxson held my hand as we looked at each other. Maybe this wasn’t a great idea.

“What are you doing here, Faith?” he demanded.

“A job, Jaxson. I was hired to do a job.” Jax let go of my hand and threw his hands into his pockets. I turned to Kat, who was talking to Caleb. Realization fell upon her face as her mouth formed the ‘O’ sound. Fuck!

“Kat, I’m not sure this is such a good idea. I’m sorry. I-“ I turned away.

“No. It is perfectly fine. We have rented the company and the space. Now, let’s get the job done.” I watched as she stomped off toward my ex and my brother. I turned around and saw Caleb standing there.

“Caleb, I don’t want to discuss this. I knew I shouldn’t have accepted the job. I don’t think Kat knew.”

“Of course she didn’t. I’m not upset or angry. Listen, Faith, we all have our own burdens to bear. I know that all to well myself. You need to atone for what you did to them. For now, I am just happy to know you are safe and okay.” He smiled and waited.

“That wasn’t the talk I thought I’d get from you. But, for what it’s worth, I am glad to see you happy as well.” Caleb nodded and turned as Kat’s voice boomed through set.

“Alright, ladies. Let’s get through this shoot, and then you can all go home and cry to yourselves.”

I laughed. I did like her already.


Excerpt 2: (Gabe’s POV)

I watched from the side of the stage. For the first time, I saw her. Faith was in front of the stage, taking pictures of Reese and Caleb. I stood there and watched her. I watched the way she held her camera. The way she bit her lip as she pondered the next angle. Her hair was up in a loose bun, and she was wearing a pair of jeans and a pink tank top. The camera was slung around her neck, but cradled like a baby in her hand. She moved fluidly back and forth, trying to capture the essence of the moment, of the song. My heart clenched as her eyes met mine and she turned away. I watched as she hurried off toward the opposite side of the stage, ducking behind the curtains that shielded the crew from the fans.

Caleb and Reese finished the song, and Jax and I joined them back on stage. We finished our set and did two more songs as an encore. By the time we were finally done, I was tired, and Faith was nowhere around. What would I say to her anyway? Years of pain, anger and guilt filled my heart and my head. Seeing her this morning had brought it all back. Did I still love her? At that moment, I didn’t know. I don’t think I ever stopped. Fuck!


Excerpt 3: (Faith’s POV)

I took some photos from the side, trying to capture the excitement and feel. I zoomed in on Gabe as he steadily beat the drums. I could see the veins in his muscles as he worked his arms across his kit. The man was good at what he did there was no denying that. I zeroed in on Jax and his finger work on the guitar. Reese was next, followed by Caleb. After getting individual photos, I went out to the front of the stage. I got into a zone, and the rest of the night flew by.

I was packing up and getting ready to say goodbye to Kat when I felt that electricity in the air. I turned around to see Gabe looking at me. I didn’t move, couldn’t if I wanted to. Gabe held me in place with his stare. He took a sip of his beer and just stood against the wall. I just wanted to know what he was thinking? Or did I? We didn’t break the stare until Jax popped in front of me.



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Wherever You Will Go, By: Stephanie Smith

Wherever you will go-TOUR BANNER

Title: Wherever You Will Go

Author: Stephanie Smith

Publication Date: August 7, 2014

Genre: Contemporary Romance



Wherever you will go-ebooklg


Brooke Willis had everything she ever wanted: a happy marriage, volunteer placement at the art gallery, and the promise of starting a family with the man of her dreams.

Saxon Reed had everything he ever thought he needed: a successful career, nice cars, expensive apartment, and more money than he knew what to do with.

After losing her husband Brooke insists on taking over his company to keep his dreams alive. Struggling in an industry she knows nothing about, Brooke turns to Saxon, her husband’s best friend and business partner, for guidance and support. Their mutual grief, and Saxon’s need to look after his best friend’s wife, creates a connection beyond just business.

Can Brooke take over the company and find a new life without saying goodbye to the past? Can Saxon protect and care for Brooke without scaring her away?

What happens when your heart doesn’t listen to your head? When lines are crossed and boundaries are pushed?

“Life goes on, whether you choose to move forward and take a chance in the unknown or stay behind, locked in the past, thinking of what could’ve been. I don’t want to live in the past anymore. I’m so lonely; there’s nothing for me here.”


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I head to the door, still clutching at a piece of peppermint chocolate and trying to dissolve the large piece in my mouth. Swinging open the door I yell, “What the hell, bitch?”

Saxon’s eyes are wide and he has an amused grin on his face. “Well, good morning to you too.”

My mouth is hanging open, and I know all the blood has rushed from my face. I’m shocked and not only because Saxon is here, but because he stands before me in dark wash jeans with a tight black t-shirt. It has been years since I’ve seen him in anything but a suit or tuxedo. He looks so much younger dressed casually. Less stressed and almost more… carefree.

Shaking those thoughts, I meet his eyes. “I thought you were Rach. What do you want?” My words come out more harshly than I intended, and Saxon’s smile turns to a frown, his eyes losing their sparkle.

My stomach twists and there’s something about him frowning which turns my gut. I don’t like it. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. I’m just surprised to see you. What’s up?” I ask in a much more friendly tone.

He looks up at me, nervousness shining in those bright green eyes. “I wanted to see if I could take you out today?” The confident, cocky Saxon is gone, and I would’ve never believed this insecure one existed underneath.

He wants to take me on a date? Hell no.

“Bugger, I’m actually just on my way out,” I say with fake disappointment.

Saxon raises his eyebrows at me, and the cocky bastard is back. “Really?” he says as he looks me up and down. I follow his eyes down to my outfit.

Sometimes even I can’t believe how stupid I am. I roll my eyes and cross my arms over my chest in defiance, as I also remember not only am I in my flannel pyjamas but I don’t have a bra on. He smiles a cocky smile while looking at my chest, clearly letting me know he caught that also.


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About the Author


I’m first & foremost a reader & fangirl, I will always be first & foremost a reader & fangirl. I am on street teams, I pimp and I brag. I LOVE my Authors!!
I have recently started writing as a way to relax and spend some time for me. My first novel Wherever You Will Go is due to release later this year. I’m having so much fun writing my first story and I’m looking forward to the journey it is taking me on.

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Under The Trees, By: Ashley Maker

Under the Trees 

Author- Ashley Maker
Genre- YA Historical Romance 


Desperate to prevent an abusive arranged marriage, Princess Araya flees to a neighboring kingdom, only to land at the mercy of the impulsive Crown Prince Thoredmund, who provides refuge in a secluded forest and teaches her survival skills. Her surprise at the unexpected hold the price has on her heart mirrors his shock at falling for the one girl he can’t have. 

As the young couple’s feelings for each other grow, the fragile alliance between the two kingdoms threatens to break apart. With a vengeful duke and an enraged king fast on their trail, Thor and Araya must decide how much they’re willing to risk for love. 

Even if staying together means starting a war. 


THOR quote:
dark horse tore through the underbrush, bringing her close enough I could make
out a pale face and a tangle of long hair. A black cloak billowed behind her.
Men on horseback gave chase, darting through the trees, clearly in pursuit. All
those men after one girl? Who could she be?
My instincts screamed against
them catching her. She could be a decoy, and they could all be spies—but what
if she was in real danger?
wouldn’t be so difficult to apprehend her, only one rider, later …
her pass,” I ordered, staring my men down until they stepped aside.
girl raced past, glancing over her shoulder for a brief moment—her eyes
flashing emerald in the light of the fire—before looking ahead and leaning low
on her horse’s neck.
men gaped at me, gripping weapons with white-knuckled hands. With a jerk of my
head in the direction of the riders almost upon us, I raised the bow and nocked
an arrow.
the line,” I commanded. “These men stop here.”
ARAYA sword:
inside me snapped—boiled over—at the mocking words and spiteful tone. The
seething feeling surged upward, clouding my vision. I charged with an
infuriated shriek, all movement, shifting and striking, not retreating. He
easily deflected the first blow, but the second made him stagger. He faltered
back a step, and I lunged with a strength that did not feel like my own.
met my blade, but it was of a soft nature that gave way. A thin ribbon of blood
blossomed through the sleeve on Wendel’s right arm. I couldn’t tear my eyes
away from the sight, grim satisfaction twisting like a living thing inside of
I shouldn’t have looked. I shouldn’t have stopped.

I became cold, hard stone. My thoughts froze and buzzed at the same time,
fingers clamping against Thor’s as if somehow he could save me.
came as soon as I could. They were watching. It was difficult to get away—”
I lost control on the word. My voice wavered and broke with my gaze as I
searched the darkness of the tree line, eyes darting from one spot to the next.
Thor squeezed my hand, a steady pressure, but he did not understand.
frantic search only ended when I looked up at Thor, heart lodged in my throat.
I didn’t want to ask, or face the answer, but I needed to know. “They?”
squeezed my hand again and ran a thumb over mine. “Yes, your father, brother,
their guards, and—”
here, too, isn’t he?” He didn’t have to say it. I knew. I could feel it.

Thor’s inner conflict:

thought I would be angry with Araya when I returned to camp. A part of me
blamed her, even though it wasn’t her fault. Perhaps she should get out of the
kingdom and take her trail of problems with her so I didn’t have to cover them
up any longer. That was what she wanted anyway, wasn’t it—to go to the
districts and leave me?
I saw her again.
throat constricted almost painfully and my chest ached at the sight of her
standing on the other side of the clearing. She was humming softly to Major
while pulling burrs out of his forelock. The gelding was already saddled and
bridled, as if she had just gotten back from a ride or was about to go on one.
Major turned his head in our direction and pulled at the reins in her hand,
letting out a welcoming whinny to Tosque.
glanced up. She smiled, and I knew. That’s when I was absolutely sure I would
continue to help and protect her, no matter what happened, even if it meant
risking everything.

-About the Author-

Armed with a keyboard, microphone, and an energetic imagination, Ashley Maker is a combination author/songwriter from Oklahoma with a passion for all things creative. UNDER THE TREES, a Young Adult blended historical romance, is her debut novel, releasing from Cliffhanger Press, LLC in the fall of 2014. Songs inspired by the book can be heard from Seeking Never, the recording band she sings in with her guitar-playing husband Corey. A newbie vlogger and former editor, Ashley spends much of her time writing, procrastinating on social media, and waging a revision war against pronouns. The rest of her time is spent doting on her daughter and cuddling with myriad family pets, most notably Johnny Cash, cat writing buddy extraordinaire.

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