DEEP by Jaine Diamond

5 stars


The first song that comes on as I sit here getting ready to write this review was Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You. Yes, originally sang by Dolly.

As the song plays it kind of goes hand and hand with the book Deep by Jaine Diamond.

I feel sad that this story has ended. I wasn’t read to for it to end, but I couldn’t wait to get to the best parts either.

Deep Cover

I have read a lot of books lately and the writing styles compared to this book is nothing but amateurs. Jaine Diamond shines bright like a diamond. Her words pull you from page one. The flow, content, descriptions and how detail oriented this author is, is mind blowing amazing. Very few possess this wonderful gift. Each character is built perfectly and stays in play in the whole story without missing a beat. You don’t feel yourself wondering who is who. I love how Jaine Diamond keeps Lana, Lana. She addresses the issues that Lana must over come and each other character perfectly flawlessly.

Deep 1 teaser

However, this is not even my main point of the book, Deep is erotic romance and Jaine Diamond holds true to fulfilling the erotica part and romance. As Lana discovers her sexual needs and frustrations, I felt the same. There were times I was like whoa! Or fuck me, is it getting to hot in here.

Deep Teaser 3

The best part of this book is it’s not always sex, sex, sex. There is a PLOT! An actual storyline with mixed emotions that make you gasp and blush and want Catch the hot sexy CO. Hell, I would have taken any CO if I was there.

Deep Teaser 4

Ok, I have gone all over the place with this review. Time to wrap it up. I LOVED the book DEEP by Jaine Diamond. I highly recommend it to EVERYONE who loves romance erotica. This book beat many books out there. I have very few on my top 10 list and this book is going on that list.

Deep Teaser 2

Thank you Jaine Diamond for the opportunity to read DEEP.


Reviewed by ~M~


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