Gypsy Lover by Edith Layton

I was able to read Gypsy Lover by Edith Layton on
Playster was easy to access and navigate through. The hardest part was choosing a story to read, due to Playster has an exceptional library of books to access. However, I finally settled on a new author (not new to the book world, but new to me) that I have never read before and found on Playster.


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The story immediately comes alive from page one when Daffyd is summon. The way the author introduces him gives the reader a more inside look to whom the character is. Brilliant!
As the pages turn we are introduced to Meg Shaw. Some of Meg’s adventures have me shaking my head and cringing while mouthing the word “no.” I do get tired of the stuff that occurs from Meg. Are these scenes realistic for this period of time. Maybe. I will let you determine that as a reader. 
I did enjoy how this wasn’t about trying to obtain a title. You know how the usual historical romance stories go. This story give a little more insight about the gypsy world. More of your middle class and lower class characters trying to make it in a time period overly ran with title people. It was a nice change a pace. But don’t get me wrong I still dream of Dukes and Earl’s.
The author does not lack in telling a story. Her words flow beautifully from page to page, in which you have no problem following along in the story. You can easily picture the world the author builds for the readers. 
I look forward to reading many more books by Edith Layton. I give this book five stars.

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