How to Win a Guy in 10 Dates


Hello there everyone! Welcome to my stop on the How to Win a Guy in 10 Dates blog tour.

How to win

What it’s about:

The 10 Date Challenge
Day 1: Take one loaded commitment-phobe explosives expert, embarking on the impossible–a challenge to have ten dates with one woman.

Day 5: Add in a fiercely independent and feisty burlesque teacher who has sworn off men.

Day 10: She’s so not his type and he’s so not in her life-plan. But the heat is sizzling and the attraction is explosive. And they’re fighting it all the way….

Note to self – read the blurb!

I was in for a surprise when I read this book. I read most Harper Impulse books, I absolutely love the line and as I said before they really are knocking it out of the park lately. The fact that their titles are being brought by Harper over to America backs up what I have been saying all along. Well done all! Anyway, as I was saying I read most Harper Impulse books so I had this loaded up on my Kobo and on my TBR list. Then I got an email about this blog tour so I signed up, sure I was going to read it anyway. That turned the book from one I was probably going to read into one I had to read. SO…..I didn’t bother to read the blurb. Sure what’s the point. Sometimes I like to go down the ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover route’ and give myself no expectations.

What I thought I was reading; A fluffy romance novel. Kind of corny in places but a nice read.

What I actually read: A hot as hell, sexy and exciting story! A leading lady with a bit of sass and alot of internal conflict – a man doesn’t fit in with her life plan, so why is he fitting in like a missing jigsaw piece? A leading man that you just want to eat for breakfast with his own internal conflict. He doesn’t need a woman – so why the hell does he want her so much.

The trials and tribulations of Millie and Ed are highly entertaining and may leaving you em, what can I say, wanting? Yea that’ll do – if you know what I mean 😉 How to Win a Guy in 10 Dates is a cheeky little story that will grip you from start to finish. It’s not the first time I was surprised after reading a book, but it’s probably the first time I was so brilliantly surprised. I loved the one liners, the humour, the intimacy and the raciness. I just loved the whole damn book. Well done Jane Linfoot on giving us fluid and easy going read! This book was simply an effortless read.

About Jane Linfoot


I write fun, flirty fiction, with feisty heroines and a bit of an edge. Writing romance is cool, because I get to wear pretty shoes instead of gumboots. I live in a mountain kingdom in Derbyshire, England, where my family and pets are kind enough to ignore the domestic chaos – happily, we’re in walking distance of a supermarket. I love hearts, flowers, happy endings, all things vintage, most things french. When I’m not on facebook, and can’t find an excuse for shopping, I’ll be walking, or gardening. On days when I want to be really scared, I ride a tandem.

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All Booked Out

Welcome back, did you all have a nice weekend? It’s a pity it always seems to go so fast. Though it being Monday means that we continue on with the September feature. Today is the turn of All Booked Out.

Tell us a little about your blog

My blog was started fairly recently, July 2013, only because a health issue has allowed me to read more (yes!!!) I love reading, have all my life, i love the smell, feel, look….here i go waffling!! Anyway, I wanted to share that and share Authors work, their covers. I am amazed that they can get their stories out of their heads and thank them for the many hours they have given to me and millions of readers who escape into these worlds they create for five minutes to hours a day. As an only child, I think Books were a very important part of my early childhood and are a part of some of my early and happiest memories.
I don’t go into in depth reviews, as i don’t let reviews sway me so would not want one of mine to sway someone else. It is all personal choice.
I also share my other interests which are Photography and digital design.

On average how many books do you read a week?:

I read on average 1-3 books a week..

What is your preferred genre?

I like Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy, Chick Lit, Crime,

Do you have a genre that is a complete no go area?

Horror, Political Thriller

What is the last book that made you cry?

Out Of Breath: Rebecca Donovan

What is the last book that made you mad?

I got Mad at Carol in Reason to Breathe. not at the Book just her!!
Vina Jackson: Eighty Days Yellow. Made me Mad for being compared to Fifty Shades. Don’t compare to Fifty Shades when it is not really like Fifty shades. I didn’t dislike it, i gave it 3/5, but i was thinking… Mr Grey Would NEVER SHARE! He had a bit of Romance in him at least….

What book would you like to see made into a movie?

Everyone i have read last, but some are already in the pipeline… Playing With Her Heart by Lauren Blakely. One scene i can already see on the big screen, it is a hero moment!

What book girl would you like to bitch slap?

Tough one as the main characters all have their reasons for being that way, I like all the main characters….they all need a damn fine shaking every now and then, so who needs that the most…..
Emma at the end of Barely Breathing, that was a cliffhanger that made me want to bitch slap her, shake her and scream at her to go back!!! go back!! But then what would I have just finished reading??? I do like to be tortured with cliffhangers 😉

What book boy would you like to have your way with ;)?

Seriously! i think you have missed an s of the Boy…… as you don’t mean just Boy do you??
My husband knows i like the tottie on the Book Covers, he sees what i share and post on my website 😉

What book are you most excited about reading?


What character do you love to hate?

Andrei in Secrets After Dark, I was secretly routing for him 😉

If you could read a book again for the very first time what would it be?


Tell us a book that we just have to read

Vacationista: Tara Simone. It is fun, flirty, sassy and i sat reading this with my fan on, drink in hand imagining i was on my holls.

A Million Dirty Secrets

Million dirty secrets

For fans of Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You comes a wickedly erotic new novel of innocence, desire, and unbridled pleasure.

Delaine Talbot has a secret. When a matter of life and death threatens to tear apart her family, Delaine makes the ultimate sacrifice. She auctions herself off at Chicago’s most exclusive erotic club. Now she belongs to Noah Crawford, a wealthy mogul who introduces her to a seductive feast of the senses, awakening desires she only dreamed about.

Noah doesn’t know why Delaine sold her body for a cool two mil. But it’s the perfect business arrangement. The inexperienced beauty will learn to satisfy his every sensual need, yet never touch his heart. Almost immediately their relationship generates heat—in more ways than one. When they fight, they take no prisoners. When they love, they show no mercy. When they’re together, they never want to leave each other’s arms. But soon, their intense, physical bond will take an unexpected turn—evolving into something neither has bargained for: the promise of a lasting love.

Ah yes…I do love a good book.

I have to be honest here and say A Million Dirty Secrets wasn’t even on my radar. As you know my TBR list is manic and there really aren’t enough hours in the day. BUT my sister in law read this, told another family member who read it and they RAVED about it. They were also talking about it – alot. If you remember my reason for reading FSoG it was because everyone was talking about it and I don’t like to be left out. I pushed everything else aside and got my teeth into this book by C.L. Parker.

I read something somewhere else and it said Fifty Shades meets Pretty Woman and I thought that was a fantastic description. I started reading yesterday and unfortunately fell asleep while reading last night so I wasn’t finished until this morning. AMDS is a racy little read, definitely a sexy read. There is a lot of internal conflict with both characters and they spend alot of time burying emotions and hiding behind a facade. We get to see that if they didn’t burying those emotions and talked about their feelings there would be alot less mixed signals and well…maybe it wouldn’t have ended just quite the way that it did.

An awesome read, gripping. I didn’t want to put it down, and bar falling asleep I didn’t really. It had just the right amount of everything; Angst, sexiness, characters butting heads, fighting against themselves and plenty of sex. Absolutely loved it, I just can’t believe I (along with everyone else of course) have to wait until next year for the next one. I am not known for my patience. However, if its anything like the first I am sure that it will be worth the wait!

Neda from SubClub Books

When I first started After the Final Chapters the first book blog I followed was The Sub Club Book Club. I was quickly amazed by just how many posts they manage to fire out and I am still in awe! I love this blog and it is the one that set my standards. I am lucky to have Neda from the blog answering my questions.

Tell us a bit about who the SubClub are?

Subclub is a bunch of girls that fell in love with romance novels and the community of wonderful people who foster them.

What was the starting point of the blog?

My love for Sylvain Reynad’s Gabriel’s Inferno.

You like the really HOT books, what is the most hardcore one that you have read?

Well in honesty I am the tamer reader. Lol. We have something coming up on the blog shortly that will be really hot reads though.

The hottest book I have read in regards to sex would be Olivia Cunnings books ” The Sinners on Tour”.

I always think I’ve read it all – til the next time I’m shocked, can you still be shocked?

Wait are we talking about sex here? I am gonna assume we are. Honestly truth is stranger then fiction. I have yet to see anything in a book that has shocked me as much as some stories I have heard in real life.

If you were to pick only one book that you could read again for the first time what would it be?

The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson. If you haven’t read it you must. It’s stunning.

Ok, my inbox is constantly buzzing with a blog post from ye, where the hell do you find the time?

I could tell you but then I would have to kill you. ;).

On average how many books do you read a week?

Personally 3 books. But each girl would tell you something different. I think Emily reads 1 a night. I swear that girl is super women. Big love from me for her.

Is there a book girl that you would really love to grab and slap?

How long do you have? I tend to want to slap a lot of them. I like strong women who don’t take crap, that being said I fight a lot with my kindle.

Who is your ultimate book boy?

Hands down Colton from Falling into you by Jasinda Wilder. I remember trying to answer this question for another blogger friend. Colton is the everyday the norm. Everyone knows a guy like him. He is what a man should be. The type of guy women should actually want.

Please feel free to give us a visual 😉

I honestly never found a Colton. I am still searching though.

What did you read last, are you currently reading and plan to read next?

I just finished. Hydraulic Number 5 LOVED IT.

I am currently On a Beta reading assignment.

What are the best and worst things about book reviewing?

The best thing is discovering a new book and sharing it. Nothing beats that feeling when you find and indie gem that you adore.

Worst thing, LOL for me proof reading. I suck at it.

You can have a party with 8 characters – who are they?

Gabriel Emerson
Soren (the original Sinners series)
Nora (the Original Sinners Series)
Deuce (Undeniable)
Remy ( Real)
Drew (tangled)
Christian (FSOG) and he best come looking like Charlie Hunnam. Haha.
Caleb ( The Dark Duets)

The hottest single scene you have read – what book is it from?

Anything that Tiffany Reisz of CJ Roberts writes is hot in one way or another. These two ladies I bow down to. They have a way of just making words dance.

If you were to tell me one book that I had to read (and if I haven’t I will) what would it be?

Captive in the dark by CJ Roberts.

Is there a book as part of a series that you waited a long time for that was a disappointment?

Yes…and I won’t tell. My reason for keeping it to myself is simple. Just because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean another won’t. 😉

Thanks so much this was loads of fun.

If we were teddy bears…

….then today would be the day that we would be having a picnic.

Well I can smell lunch and I have just spied bubbles, courtesy of Carmel’s best friend Anne. So I suppose you could call it a picnic of sorts.


Just a classy one. Nothing else would do for my wonderful friend, Carmel Harrington, on this the publication day of Beyond Grace’s Rainbow with Harper Impulse, a digital imprint of Harper Collins.

New Beyond Grace's Rainbow (1)

Isn’t it pretty!

So here is what the book is about

Beyond Grace’s Rainbow is a poignant story about a young mother’s battle with cancer. Single mother Grace Devlin faces what will be the biggest fight of her life and the stakes are high. She cannot contemplate leaving her adorable little boy Jack all alone in the world. Unfortunately for Grace her best chance of survival is to receive a bone marrow transplant, so she embarks on a heart breaking search for her biological parents, as she was adopted when a small baby. This search will unravel a web of lies and deceit that has spanned over thirty years.

And just when she thinks life can get no more complicated, Jack’s father Liam is back in town full of remorse and he’s made it clear that he’s not leaving until he’s won her back. Liam was the love of Grace’s life but can she trust him ever again? Helping Grace muddle her way through her cancer treatment and complicated love life are her friends – Tara, Sean, Abby, Tom and Gerry. Tara is Grace’s cousin and is happily married to Sean but they are desperate for a baby of their own; Abby, Grace and Tara’s friend from college is single and looking for her one true love which is proving difficult, whilst Tom would be happy if his boyfriend Gerry for once didn’t max out their credit card! Beyond Grace’s Rainbow will bring the reader into Graces world where friendship, courage, loyalty, laughter and above all love are abundant. The story will bring you on an emotional journey with Grace and her friends that will have the reader both laughing and crying at the turn of a page.

This post isn’t a review, I did that a long time ago and you can check it here. I also interviewed Carmel and you will find that in the same post, though I will be interviewing her again in the coming weeks to talk about how things have changed since then.

What I am writing this post for is to tell everyone how absolutely delighted I am that Beyond Grace’s Rainbow and Carmel herself were signed under the Harper Collins umbrella. How delighted I am about how much more recognition the book is going to get, and the fact that Harper are also launching it along with the other Harper Impulse titles over in the United States. I am not going to say that this has made me proud of Carmel. Why? Because I was already proud of her. I was proud of her that she took the decision to self publish, to put herself out there. It’s a very brave thing to do. Without the backing of a publisher you could well be setting yourself up for a fall. I am also proud of her that she believed in herself. She would not back down and would not give in. I am proud of her that she didn’t get all negative when she faced rejection. She drew a line under that publisher and waited on word from the next one. I am proud of her because she worked for this. Because she put the work in and now she is seeing the fruits of her labour.

Today is Carmels day and I hope she enjoys every minute of it. She deserves this!

carmel pub day

Stephanie Khani from The London Diaries

Today joining me on After the Final Chapters to give us an insight into her reading obsession is Stephanie Khani. Stephanie is the author of The London Diaries Blog

Hi Stephanie, tell us a bit about yourself

Hi there! Well, I’m originally from Louisville, Kentucky but moved to London just under five years ago after I married the love of my life! I’m still getting used to saying “pram” instead of “stroller” and “biscuit” instead of “cookie” but I’m getting there! I’m an avid blogger and love to read and write. I’m just getting into cooking and baking as well and seem to have a knack for it… or so says the bathroom scale!

Have you always been an avid reader?

Oh my goodness yes. My grandparents (probably my most favourite people in the world) read to me at a very young age and I just sort of picked it up from there. Even as a kid I always had a book handy for car rides and for school. Now I travel a bit lighter with a Kindle (after shunning one for so long!) but am still constantly reading on the bus, in the bath, at lunch… I never stop!

What is the first book you remember reading?

Ha, that’s easy! The first book I remember reading was “Henry’s Awful Mistake” by Robert Quackenbush. I loved that book… partially because it was hilarious and also because my surname before I got married was Henry, so as a kid that was pretty impressive. I actually still have the copy of “Henry’s Awful Mistake”!

What is your preferred genre?

My tastes have most definitely changed over time… I used to scoff at the Romance and Chick-Lit genres and think of them as fluff and unintelligent. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve definitely learned to appreciate both so much more and actually enjoy them! At the moment, I’m really into “bonkbusters”, particularly Victoria Fox and Shirley Conran (if you haven’t read “Lace”, you absolutely must). Overall, I’ll have to cop out and say Literary Fiction as it’s such a broad umbrella genre.

You are an unpublished writer, would you ever self publish?

Self publishing takes a LOT of guts and I tip my hat to anyone who has the cohones to put themselves out there like that. Self publishing is a scary world and right now I’m not emotionally strong enough to handle the stress and inevitable criticism that comes with it.
That being said, I wouldn’t say no to self publishing once I have a finished piece that is completely polished and that I’m totally proud of.

Who is your ultimate book boy? Feel free to give a visual 😉
Oh, okay then… I’ll admit that I’m absolutely in love with the gorgeous Jason Stackhouse from True Blood. I’ve only read the first two books but I’m a big fan of the show and Ryan Kwanten is just beyond gorgeous perfection.

jason stackhouse

What is your favourite book?

“The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”by Carson McCullers is hands down my favourite book of all time. I think I’ve read it once a year since I was in high school. There’s just this quiet humanity to it that just left me stunned when I read it. And to think that McCullers was only 23 when she published such an amazing book really impresses me.

Which book would you love to see made into a movie?

When I was a teenager I went through a really tough time finding my own identity and sorting out who I really was. Add a backdrop of family issues and you get one confused kid. “I Was a Teenage Fairy” by Francesca Lia Block was a book I read over and over and over so many times that I had it memorised. I would absolutely love to see it as a movie… Block’s use of language is just gorgeous and I could only imagine what it would look like brought to life.

Who would play the main character?

I almost hate admitting this but I could see Miley Cyrus playing Mab She’s gritty and real and a punk and I can just see Cyrus fitting the role really well.

What is your favourite line for a book?

Again, I’m going to have to go with “I Was a Teenage Fairy” here… the first line of the book is just so cool.
“If Los Angeles is a woman reclining billboard model with collagen-puffed lips and silicone-inflated breasts, a woman in a magenta convertible with heart-shaped sunglasses and cotton candy hair; if Los Angeles is this woman then the San Fernando Valley is her teeny-bopper sister.”

What, in your opinion, has been the worst adaptation of a book into a movie?

There are so many! I really didn’t like the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s “Stardust.” The book was so magical and beautiful and I just didn’t get that from the movie at all. I’m a huge Neil Gaiman fan and his books are so amazing I think it would be hard to equal that on screen.

What was the best?

Oh, definitely “The Princess Bride” by William Goldman. I love the book (I own two copies!) and the movie is one of my favourites. The casting alone was brilliantly done!

If you could spend the day as any character who would it be?

Oh that’s so tough! I have to pick two and both are from children’s books! I’d have to go with either Matilda from the Roald Dahl classic or Harriet from “Harriet the Spy”. Both girls are such strong, positive female characters and growing up I really admired them for their gumption and their bravery.

Sophie’s Encore

Sophie's Encore

Her rock star is waiting in the wings, but will he get a second chance?

It’s all change for Sophie Jones—only this time, there is more at stake than just her happiness.

Rock star extraordinaire, Dan Hunter, has been her patient and caring friend through the highs and lows since her wedding day, but now he figures it is time for her to start over. By stealth, the rock singer draws Sophie into the behind-the-scenes work for his band’s latest album. Through the days and weeks spent together at the mixing desk, Sophie discovers whole new horizons for her life, yet before she can even begin to explore them, she faces the very real threat of losing her rock star for good.

Join Sophie and Dan in Sophie’s Encore to find out how their journey will end…

Nicky Wells is back, and when she came back she came with a bang! Sophie’s Encore is everything we could have hoped for with a little more sprinkled on top.

Right from the very beginning I was drawn it. In fact – my jaw hit the table I was sitting at in Costa Coffee. I pulled my phone straight out of my bag and tweeted Nicky “I can’t believe it, you went and ….”. Now if you want to know what she went and did, well then you will have to go and read the book. Be prepared however to be shocked!

Anyway as you will see from the description of the book, all hasn’t not remained rosy in Sophie’s garden. The constants in her life though have remained. Dan and Rachel. Dan the man she was in love with once upon a time but who is now one of the people she is closest to and depends on. Rachel her long time best friend and confident. We get to see how the two carry Sophie through her darkest times and how they try to get her to see that her life still has to be lived, regardless if it’s the life she imagined she would be living. Whether it’s the life she wants to be living.

We watch as Sophie tries to put her families life back together, and watch on as she refuses to see the obvious and risks losing Dan forever. This is most certainly the most emotional of the three books. Parts of which are quite raw and delve into darker more serious issues than the first two. Beautifully written – of course, we would expect no less and full of intimate knowledge and detail of the music business. A lot of care went into the writing of this series and its telling in its authenticity. While I raced through the book I tried to slow down in the last twenty pages or so as I just wasn’t ready to let go.

Two things jumped out at me as I put the book away for the last time.
1 – I think Jodie’s story has to be told. It’s screaming at me from the pages. I think we should petition Nicky Wells to write Jodie’s story – what do ye think?
2- I’m sorry Nicky and I adored all three books, but for me they aren’t over. There is still so much more to be told. Please don’t stop with Sophie and Dan’s story. Especially given the ending…